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Spring Dog Clothes & Apparel


Need fresh, new styles and prints for your pup’s spring look? Excited to shop for some warm weather pet apparel? We have your pup covered with handcrafted, timeless patterns in floral and whimsy that you’re sure to love. Find some new faves or just stock up on some classic, prints.  Our durable, handcrafted spring dog bandanas come in a variety of patterns and prints your pets can wear almost all year long.  


Looking for fashionable accessories for an outdoor party? Add bow ties to dress up a collar. Pair with a bandana or slide collar for a dressier look.  We have some fab floral and whimsy prints. Want something adorable for your furry princess on you next getaway? Try checks with florals. Traveling to a beach resort?  Try some nautical prints. Have a fab invite an event and want your furry bestie looking their best? Make an entrance with fashionable florals. Plus, all are designed to be taken on and off easily.


Want to combine your pet’s wardrobe with other apparel pieces? Long ties on every bandana make it easy to overlap with other apparel pieces and create a sophisticated fashion look. Exploring in the wilderness or hiking a trail? Wear a slide collar bandana for easy style.


Live in a cooler climate region or it's too cold with the a/c and need a sweater? Check out our selection of ready made dog sweaters are perfect for keeping your furry bestie warm. Pair with a bow tie for an extra layer of style.


Need a quick party look and not sure what to wear? We have bow ties for instant style and make your pup party ready. Or you can use a slide collar for a more casual look too and they’re reversible, so you have instant stylish prints for any occasion.


Finding stylish and quality pet apparel has never been easier with timeless, classic prints and trendy styles in sizes x-small to large – 4paws Outerwear has it all for the fashion savvy pup and parent.


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