Holiday Sweaters

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Holiday Sweaters

Are those sleigh bells ringing for some merry holiday spirit? Have your pets cozy up to some cheery pet apparel with our holiday pet sweaters made for 4Paws Outerwear. We have a variety of fair isle prints from Santa to simple classic red and everything in between.  Shop your fave pet apparel brands including Poppy Blooms, UK Jack, H. Weekes + Co., Teddy + Lottie, Made for 4paws and much more.

Elegant Holiday Style

If your pet has become comfortable with wearing bandanas, then a sweater is a great next step to transitioning your pets to wearing pet clothes or holiday pet outfits.  The fair isle prints add a nice festive touch to any outfit and your can add a holiday pet bandana as a finishing accessory.

A Great Transition Piece

Using this type of apparel piece, a pet sweater is a great way to ease your pets into wearing clothes with a flexible rib collar and wide front sleeves.

-          The rib neck allows for easy slip on over the head and neck and their two front legs.

-          Wide front sleeves and rib neck allow you to pull the sweater off easily too.

-          Great way to transition your pets into holiday pet outfits and other pet clothing as well.

-          Once your pet is used to wearing a sweater, dresses or jackets become easier.

Add Holiday Fashion Accessories

If your pet is comfortable with wearing clothing or has become comfortable, use a holiday bandana to complete the look of a holiday outfit.  A pet bandana is the simplest and easiest way to create a holiday pet accessory that’s comfortable and create a classic holiday look for your pets.

-          Add accessories with the sweater to create a holiday outfit such as head gear or fashion pieces.

-          Layer a holiday pet sweater with a jacket or scarf to create a festive look for parties or gatherings.

Keeps Pets Warm

One additional benefit of wearing a dog and cat sweater, besides looking fashionable, is that it can be used as a neck and body warmer, especially during the colder months. Your pets may have fur, but in climates that are especially cold, a pet sweater can help regulate body temperature.  

Shop Collection of Holiday Pet Sweaters

We proudly offer a wide selection handcrafted fair isle pet sweaters that can be paired with a variety of pet accessories, from bananas to bows and more.