Halloween Bandanas

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Halloween Bandanas

If you’re like most pet parents, you want your pets to participate or be a part of the holiday season, including everyone’s favorite – Halloween. So, what to do about a pet costume? If you’re trying to decide what type of pet costume or pet costume pieces, especially if your pet isn’t receptive to wearing clothes, here are a few tips.

Create an Instant Halloween Look.

If your pet doesn’t like the feel or clothing or costumes when you try them on, a pet bandana is a great way to transition to a costume, clothing or both. It creates a ghoulish or scary look without having to dress your pet in a costume, head gear or accessories. Plus, if you choose the right color against your pet’s fur, it really stands out and make a great fashion statement without the costume for now.

A Natural Transition Piece

Most pets wear collars, either at home, taking trips or going to the vets. Starting with this type of accessory piece, a pet bandana would be a great way to ease your pets into wearing clothes. A bandana just like a collar is worn around the neck and your pet is already familiar with that, so the transition should be fairly natural.


-   Long ties allow for pet’s comfort level, so you can adjust accordingly.

-   It’s also a great way to transition not only to a pet costume, but pet clothing as well.

-   Once your pet becomes accustomed to a bandana, then wearing a sweater or jacket becomes easier.

-   The reverse print allows for all season wear as it usually isn’t limited to a holiday or a particular season.  

Use as a Costume

If your pet has transitioned from bandanas to wearing clothing, or you just want a different look for Halloween, then you can use a bandana as part of an ensemble costume. A pet bandana is the simplest and easiest way to create a pet costume, just add some head gear or accessories that compliment the bandana or the theme.


-          Add accessories along with the bandana to create a costume such as head gear or costume pieces.

-          Pair a Halloween pet bandana to create an extra spooky look to a costume

-          Add a Halloween bandana to a sweater or jacket outfit, creating a ghoulish look for parties or gatherings

-          Roll over bandana to add a contrasting print with the main print.

Pair with Other Costume Pieces

As your pet becomes more comfortable with wearing fashion pieces, you can add accessories to the bandana to create a costume look. Or add the Halloween bandana to an existing costume to create a great contrasting look or a theme.