Fall Bandanas

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Fall Bandanas

Ready for crisp days and the magic of fall? Find accessories to help warm your pets on cool days with our fall pet bandanas made for 4paws Outerwear.  From tie on bandanas to sliders, we have a variety of prints to fit your pet’s personality. Shop your favorite brands from Poppy Blooms to 4hounds.  


Slider Bandanas Looking for on the go fashion? Slider bandanas are perfect for instant style. Pet not receptive to clothing? Need a transition piece? Sliders are a great way to adjust to your pets to wearing accessories. Weekend plans and too much to pack? Sliders can be tucked into most bags and purses, so you can quite a few without taking too much space. They also attach without ties, so for active pets that like to explore, no need to worry about losing. Plus, they allow your pet to adjust to wearing sweaters and other apparel pieces.


Tie On Bandanas Want an easy way to add style? Pet bandanas create an instant, easy look for any pet. Need an extra layer for your pet’s outfit? Bandanas dress up any outfit. These versatile accessories allow you to switch out looks effortlessly, so if the pattern doesn’t work with one look, it can easily work with another. Want something to help keep your pet warm or cool? Tie on bandanas make great chest warmers for fall and great to help cool down when wet during the summer. Bandanas are on trend now and will be in the future, a classic, versatile piece that never really goes out of style.


Pet Clothing Tips

Most pets wear collars, either at home, taking trips or going to the vets. Starting with this type of accessory piece, a pet bandana is a great way to ease your pets into wearing clothes. A slider and tie on bandana are both worn around the neck. The slider is a good starter piece for getting pets used to clothing. Tie on bandanas allow your pet to get used to clothing worn fully around the neck.

-          Sliders attach over the collar, great piece for young or active pets.

-          Long ties allow for pet’s comfort level, so you can adjust accordingly.

-          Great way to transition not only to clothing, but pet costumes too.

-          Once your pet becomes accustomed to a bandana, wearing a sweater or jacket becomes easier.

-          The reverse print allow for all season wear as it usually isn’t limited to a holiday or a particular season.  


Check Out Our Collection of Fall Bandanas

We proudly offer a wide range of different pet bandana prints, especially fall bandanas for those cool autumn days.  Reversible, contrasting and made from soft cotton create a bandana that’s not only stylish, but comfortable for all day wear. These bandanas aren’t just limited to a particular season or holiday. These fashion bandanas are reversible for a two in one look, unlike many other bandanas currently being sold where it’s only one sided and limited to the holiday or season for which it’s made.