Pet Model Program

Would you like your pet to model our products?

Requirements for joining our program

You must be 18 years of age or older

You must be the pet's owner/guardian


We model dogs, cats and short hair animals


Product Photo Guidelines

All pictures should be taken with a non-distracting background

both interior and exterior photos.

Make sure pictures display the product on your pet,

not just an angle shot or from a distance


Pictures/videos should be submitted in a timely manner,

usually within two weeks - i.e. not a month later.


Photos can be emailed, uploaded through DM's or posted on social accounts.


Model Program Details

The program is completely free -

We send the products free of charge and we pay for shipping

this includes both US and International.

There is no obligation to purchase any products or join a monthly subscription.

Any purchases however are appreciated.


The perks include:

Your pet's own discount code - you and your followers can use at checkout

The promo code can be used for promotions across all social media accounts

Your pet's own clothing brand



We also have a brand ambassador program.

This program includes:

A discount code for you and your followers to use at checkout

Particiapte in/host giveaways

Use various brand promotional materials across social media, blog, etc.



If you're interested in either modeling or being a brand ambassador,

contact us at

and enter subject line: Pet modeling or Brand ambassador