About Us

It all began after a day of shopping for pet clothing. We wound up making purchases we weren’t completely satisfied and frustrated as the style and quality was greatly lacking – including sizes for small and large pets. We searched online, thinking there was something better and came up with the same results. It was as if the stores and online retailers were purchasing from the same manufacturers – flimsy clothing with the same type prints or colors that wouldn’t last two wash cycles, let alone keep your pets warm.
Finally, we said, there’s should be something better. There should be some kind of shop that offers quality pet clothing with style and original prints. Then an idea formed, if you can’t find the pet clothing you’re looking for, why not make them. Then the goal became to create quality, unique pet fashions and accessories for pets small and large.
So, you won’t find our pet fashions at those large retail or big box stores. We’re not about mass quantity – we're about quality in everything we create from sweaters to bandanas and more - timeless fashion your pets can wear years from now.
Our Apparel, Our Promise
We're dedicated to creating the best fashion pieces and accessories by handcrafting everything we offer.  Whether it's knitted or sewn – none of our pieces are produced on a commercial loom or machine. Most pieces take a while to produce, but are well worth the wait for apparel and accessories lasting well beyond a few months. We promise to only use the best fabric, yarn or materials to create any piece and strive to offer a variety of colors, original prints and patterns.
That's our pledge to you and your furry family members
Love, Jack & Hank xx
Second Chances
We believe that all pets deserve a loving home where they can be spoiled, cared for and flourish. So when the opportunity is right, adopt don't shop and don't forget senior pets too. Yes, they may be older, but they're wiser and they'll have you trained in no time. 
 Just remember that money can't buy you love, but you sure can adopt love.
Check out your local shelters today.