About Us

Our Apparel, Our Promise

We're dedicated to creating the best fashion pieces and accessories for your pets. Whether it's sewn or knitted, we put a handcrafted touch on every piece we create. Most items take a while to produce, but they'll last beyond a few months and we think that's well worth the wait. Our Promise is to use the best fabric, materials or yarn to create any piece. That's our pledge to you and your furry family members.

Only the best for your paws

All our product materials are hand sourced and produced right here in the USA. We strive to create quality, stylish and comfortable apparel and accessories you won't find elsewhere.

Quality, Not Quantity

We're about quality in everything we create from dog sweaters to bandanas - timless fashions your pets can wear years from now. Let your pets move with style and comfort.

Reduce, Reuse, Renew

All of our packaging - from boxes, to tags, to cards and tissue are all made from 100% recycled materials. We also try, whenever possible to use recycled, natural or organic yarns or fabrics.

Second Chances

We believe that all pets deserve a loving home where they can be spoiled and flourish. So when the opportunity is right, adopt don't shop. Don't forget senior pets too.


Yes, they may be older,

but they're wiser and they'll have you trained in no time. Check out your local shelter today.


Plus we donate discontinued apparel collections to shelters across the country. So if you have one our products and no longer need it, we encourage you to donate to your local shelter too.

From the Start

As long as I can remember, we've always had difficulty finding apparel for our pets, from our Great Dane to our Chihuhua - the quality, style and sizes available in stores were greatly lacking. The clothes wouldn't last and eventually fall apart. So, we would end up making something for our pets, whether it was sewn, knitted or both.


When pet apparel finally became available online, we thought there would be a change. The search results were the same - flimsy clothing and accessories that wouldn’t last two wash cycles, let alone keep your pets warm.


Then an idea formed. If you have a desire for high quality pet fashions, there must be others that have a need for high quality pet fashions too. Our goal then became to create an online shop where you can find unique, quality pet fashions and accessories for all pets small and large. So let your pets move with style.



Jack,Hank + Nikki